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JBL GX502 – Car Speaker Review


JBL is now one of the largest manufacturers of car speakers and sound systems. Above all, it is the quality that distinguishes the globally active company. The high prices and excellent quality speak for a strategy with which the company intends to sell mainly luxury products. Therefore the target groups are not necessarily young people, but rather those who are willing to have the most expensive and best products installed in their cars. In addition to the JBL GX602, which ultimately won the review, and the JBL GX402, we have now also reviewed the JBL GX502 from this range. You can read the result and why it was not enough for a place in the top five in the end here.

The sound of the JBL GX502

In our car speaker review, we came to a fabulous result in terms of sound and sound for the JBL GX502, just like for the GX602 and GX402. In general, JBL places the greareview value on sound in their products, because that’s what counts in the end. Even the best design or the best price cannot compete with that.

The structure

In terms of construction, there is hardly any difference to the review winner, who as is well known also comes from JBL. Here in particular, the company succeeds in attracting all levels of customers through its simplicity. Even those who have not yet devoted themselves to installing such speakers in cars.

The design

In JBL’s luxury products, design is an additional feature that is often presented with the logo on the outside. With these speakers, however, it’s clear that the GX range is more about speakers that should be accessible to people with a smaller budget. Therefore, attention is paid to design, but JBL even manages to create a good-looking but not perfect design for lower priced products. This is why there were small deductions in the design in the review.

The Price

The price, and that’s why it wasn’t enough for a top placement in the end, is simply too high for the offered performance compared to other loudspeakers in the review. A result of JBL’s overall pricing policy.

The design

2-Weigh-Koaxial (13.0 cm).

The performance

In terms of performance, too, these loudspeakers are ultimately in the middle of the ranking. Nevertheless, JBL speakers are still the best quality speakers on the market.

Technical information:

Model: JBL GX502Construction: 2-way Power: 45 WrmsNoise pressure: 91 dBDiameter: 13 cm

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