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JBL GX402 – Car Speaker Reviewed


JBL is one of the largest manufacturers of loudspeakers in the world. The globally active company attaches great importance to the quality of its products. Although this sometimes results in high prices, JBL’s rise and market power is unbroken. The near-perfect sound quality is causing more and more people to dig a little deeper into their wallets in order to achieve the perfect sound in their cars. So it was no wonder that one of JBL’s products, the JBL GX602, came out on top in our car speaker review. For the JBL GX402, however, it was not quite enough to make it into the top five in the review.

The sound of the JBL GX402

Especially the sound enables JBL to achieve a unique position in the car speaker market. This enables the company to distinguish itself further from strong competitors such as Pioneer in order to maintain a unique position. Therefore, especially with the sound

The structure

JBL also makes every effort to make the body as light as possible, even for the inexperienced. This is another big advantage over many of our competitors who save money, especially on things like installation. This often leaves those involved with headaches without instructions for installation.

The design

When it comes to design, the manufacturer is also not to be sneezed at. Here, too, they stand for high quality and special eye-catchers, which should make sure that you can stand out from the crowd. The competition here, however, is greater than in the previous categories. For example Auna has brought a product on the market with its Goldblaster, which is hard to beat.

The Price

This is precisely the point where it is often difficult for JBL to outdo the competition, because high quality demands its price. However, it can be assumed that JBL is doing this on purpose in order to impose an image on itself that is deliberately selling luxury products. This aspect makes the JBL GX402 fall behind a bit, as you have to spend around 50 € for a speaker with shipping costs.

The design

2-way coaxial (10.0 cm).

The performance

Especially in terms of performance, it is now a neck-and-neck race with several competitors. Here, the ratings in our review are almost on the same level, regardless of which product was ultimately reviewed by which manufacturer.

Technical information:

Model: JBL GX402 Type: 2-way Power: 30 Wrms Sound pressure: 90 dB Diameter: 10 cm

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