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JBL GT BassPro 12 – Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer Review


JBL is an American company with a long tradition that has been involved in the manufacture of loudspeakers and headphones since 1946. The company also produces and develops subwoofers with strong bass. The JBL GT Bass Pro 12, for example, is one of them and you can find out how this subwoofer performs in the JBL GT Bass Pro 12 review here!

The JBL GT BassPro 12 has an attractive design, just like you’d expect from JBL. The two silver struts give the bass speaker a look of power and strength. The struts protect the subwoofer’s membrane from flying things that could cause damage. This protects the unit from an unfortunate total failure. Without this extra, the JBL GT Bass Pro 12 would be in constant danger, as it has to be installed in the boot, as it is not very handy compared to some other units. Therefore, you have to be satisfied with a slightly smaller space in the boot. The problem with space should be secondary, however, as the JBL GT BassPro 12 spoils you with wonderful and rich bass sounds.

If you are looking for even more sound and fat basses, you should take a look at its bigger brother, the JBL GT5-2402BR. It is once again considerably larger and provides even more bass fun. But back to the JBL GT BassPro12 review. Not only the design is convincing, but also the workmanship and choice of components. Great importance was attached to high quality workmanship and the appropriate materials for this model. The sound is great and it is really fun to listen to the subwoofer. The bass is also much better than one would expect from such a rather small device compared to its big brother. Nevertheless, after our extensive JBL GT BassPro 12 review, we have to conclude that the model can’t keep up with the JBL GT5-2402BR, the larger version.

But that’s not the aim of this device, it’s rather to offer an alternative for those who don’t want to give up the complete space of their trunk for a fat subwoofer. With the JBL GT BassPro 12, you don’t have to do without JBL technology. Another advantage of the subwoofer is that it can be set up quite quickly. All you have to do is tap a sound signal from the rear of the car and the bass speaker spits out its first tones. Probably the greareview unique selling point of “active” subwoofers. The tiresome work and complicated connection of power amplifier and subwoofer is no longer necessary.

JBL GT-Basspro12 Bassreview

Technical information about the JBL GT BassPro 12

As already described in our JBL GT BassPro 12 review, the subwoofer can be set up quite easily. It has a membrane with a diameter of 30 cm and belongs to the category of active and bass-reflex-based subwoofers. It has a power output of 150 Wrms and a peak power of 450 Wmax. In addition, the model’s cabinet has been optimised for perfect bass reproduction in car interiors. Which will probably inspire many potential buyers: JBL adds a remote control to the subwoofer. Here you will find a direct comparison of the two JBL subwoofers from our review.

As a final conclusion from our JBL GT BassPro 12 review, it can be said that this subwoofer offers a relatively cheap and easy entry into the world of fat basses. If you’re looking for a good subwoofer at JBL quality, the JBL GT BassPro 12 is a good choice.

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