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Installing Car Speakers Like A Pro Review


Installing loudspeakers is a somewhat more complex task. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by following the tips from the car speaker review. Since there are many different car models and brands, each door cover is different from the others. Also the interior differs from model to model. Use Google to find specific instructions for your car. In general, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you with the speaker installation.

The required tool

  • Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • Hot glue gun*
  • Kombizange
  • Messer
  • Saw (if hole must be cut out)
  • Soldering iron (should the soldering point break off)

The material

  • New speakers
  • Box for old speakers
  • Spacer ring*
  • Cartridges hot glue gun

Let’s get started with the speaker installation

Before you go to the installation, you can consider insulating the car door. Because you can improve the sound in the car many times over by good insulation and you save yourself having to remove the cover.

There are a few things to consider during installation to ensure that the new speakers are not inadvertently rendered unusable. The diaphragm and the surround are the heart of the speaker, should they be scratched, torn, glued or destroyed in any other way with a tool, the exchange was a nice idea, but for nothing. Therefore special care should be taken! When removing the door cover, pay attention to the soldered joints. They connect the cables from the car radio to the voice coil. If the contact is destroyed, the diaphragm cannot play music again. With the old loudspeakers it’s not that bad, because they are only in stock, but with the new ones this should be avoided. If a hoppala happens anyway, you can make a connection again with a soldering iron. Soldering irons are cheap to get via Amazon.

You pay attention to these rules, not too much can happen. The speaker installation is done in a few steps, as soon as the cover is down. Remove the built-in speakers from their brackets. If they are riveted, you have to drill the rivets or they go to screwing. You have to remove the tweeters and the woofers. If you bought a speaker that fits exactly into the recess, you can skip this step. The spacer must be fixed in the car door or the recess must be removed. Then connect the new speakers to the existing cables and glue and screw them into the recesses with a glue gun.

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