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Install Or Replace Car Battery – How It Works Reviewed


When the subject of installing a car battery is first mentioned in a room, the first ones start to flinch. The installation of a car battery is anything but difficult and does not require a workshop or specialist. With the right tools and the right battery you can save a lot of money and be done in no time. If you are unsure which one is the right one or where you can buy it, you can find it here: Where you can buy car batteries. But now back to installing car batteries.

What do I need?

Here is a list of everything you need:

  • Open-end wrench (insulated at best)
  • Screwdriver* (insulated at best)
  • pole spray or pole grease* (no must, but useful)
  • New car battery (at best from car battery review)
  • Gloves

All live work should be carried out with an insulated tool. Since there is no disconnect switch for the voltage of a battery yet, an insulated tool would be useful. If you don’t have one, just be careful not to touch any metallic object while undoing the terminals. The pole grease is not a must, but it makes a lot of sense. Because a pole grease protects the battery poles and the electrical contacts from corrosion and oxidation. This makes the connection more durable and can be quickly removed when the next car battery is installed. Work on a battery should never be underestimated, as the voltage and acid in it can be dangerous for people and the environment. Therefore always wear gloves and use insulated tools.

How can I install the car battery?

When installing a car battery, one of the most important points is that the positive terminal is always screwed on first! Only then may the cable be connected to the negative pole. Minus always goes to the ground, for example the bodywork. In any case it is recommended to use a good clamp and to use a pole spray or pole grease. The power cable for the power amplifier hangs directly on the car battery. In any case, the fuse must be installed no later than 30 cm after the battery, otherwise the insurance cover will be cancelled! The fuse can easily be hidden between the components in the engine compartment. Afterwards the cover is back on and good. Because pictures say more than 1000 words, there is a video with an installation tutorial below.

The exchange is similar

The same tool is used as before. When exchanging, special care must be taken to ensure that no consumer is switched on. Only then can you remove the cover and loosen all the fixings. Important: When loosening the clamps, always start with the negative pole first! When the terminal is released, the positive pole is connected. When opening the terminals, you should also be careful not to touch any metal objects. Then you can lift the car battery out of its holder and install the new one. In the tutorial the steps are nicely illustrated again:

Environmentally conscious thinking and correct disposal

A discarded battery and the environment do not get along very well. Therefore, it should always be disposed of correctly and not be disposed of in household waste or in a remote location. In Germany there is a battery regulation, which means that you will get a deposit of 7.50 € back when you return your old battery. Taking back and recycling is obligatory by the regulation! It doesn’t matter whether you bought the battery in an online shop or at a dealer, it MUST always be taken back.

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