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Hifonics – God Of Subwoofers: A Heaven In A Car! Reviewed


Hifonics subwoofers can best be described with their own slogan: Power from the Gods.

If you have such a Hifonics subwoofer in your car, you don’t have heaven on earth, but music heaven in your car! There are seldom subwoofers that have a similar bass level as those from Hifonics. The bass is simply impressive. But at the same time Hifonics has managed to make the bass sound precise and accurate. Apart from the sound, they can shine somewhere else, because the workmanship and materials used are of high quality — the basic requirements for high performance and durability!

In our car subwoofer review, the Hifonics subwoofer took first place for the strongest bass. Therefore it deserves the title Bassinator.

The Hifonics subwoofer winner from our review

The winner among the Hifonics car subwoofers in our subwoofer review of the Hifonics Brutus BX-12!

Information about the manufacturer Hifonics

Hifonics zx 12 dual mit Hifoncis brutus bx 1500d

In the early 1980s, there was a revolution that changed the entire music industry, as the age of digital music began. Music could now be recorded and played much easier and faster than before. Hifonics took advantage of this upheaval and founded the company in 1981 in order not to miss this mega trend. The American company already knew how to use the power of the gods back then. In the course of time, many Hifonics subwoofers have been created that have divine names like Brutus, Zeus, Maxximus, Titan, Colossus etc. These names already give a hint that the American company wants to create something unique. After many years of development, the company was taken over by MaxxSonics in 2011, but can still exist today. In its position on the market not much has changed until today, because today the name still stands for powerful basses. Which, of course, bitterly offends other large companies like JBL. The video gives you a little foretaste (switch on sound) 🙂

There is an interesting story about Hifonics on the website, which we have translated into German to the best of our knowledge:

POWER OF THE GODS for the mortals of the earth! It is hard to understand that ordinary mortals can master car audio products at this level! When you turn on a Hifonics system, you will feel like you have climbed Mount Olympus and stolen the lightning from the father of the gods himself, Zeus.

Original in English:

KRAFT AUS DEN GÖTTERN für die Sterblichen der Erde! Es ist schwer vorstellbar, dass nur Sterbliche Car-Audio-Produkte auf diesem Niveau besitzen können! Wenn Sie ein Hifonics-System aufdrehen, werden Sie vielleicht das Gefühl haben

What do we think about the divine Hifonics subwoofers?

A Hifonics subwoofer is definitely not for people who like to have a good sound. Because of the extreme bass you will only hear the melody through the vibrations. Of course, this also depends on how you set up the subwoofer, but if you put such a powerful tool in your trunk, you won’t let it play on low flame. If you want extreme bass, you’ve come to the right place! Plus, the unique design allows you to open up your trunk with confidence and show off your toys to everyone. Most models are equipped with LED lighting and have a plexiglass cover so you can see inside. However, the many years of experience are reflected in the price, but if you want lots of bass, beautiful design, high quality and durability, a Hifonics subwoofer is the perfect choice.

What we like:Extremely strong bass and still very preciseHigh quality of materials and workmanshipUnique design (mostly with LED lighting)Very durableBest suitable for people who want to make the road shakeBranding and positioning in the market is totally successful
What we do not like so much:The sound suffers from the extreme bassThere are no products for beginners

More powerful Hifonics subwoofers:

Do you want to learn more about Hifonics Subwoofer?

Then just read our review reports. There you will find all the information you need about the subwoofer as well as about the company. Of course always in comparison with the competition. If this is still not enough for you, we can only recommend the website of Hifonics or MaxxSonics.

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