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Hifonics Brutus BX-12 – Review


Power From the Gods – this might seem very familiar to many connoisseurs and friends of the cultivated bass. For 35 years now, the US-American manufacturer Hifonics, which is known for its high quality standards, has been selling subwoofers and amplifiers in cooperation with Maxximus. Whether the power of the Hifonics Brutus BX-12 is divine or just a sales slogan, you can find out in our subwoofer review.

Anyone who knows Hifonics knows that this company does not do things by halves. A full 800 watts RMS (1600 watts max.) let the subwoofer generate a lot of pressure. The subwoofer is equipped with two 12″ Brutus subwoofers inside. The extremely strong bass and high power output once again confirm the company’s propagated claim: Power From The Gods.

The Hifonics Brutus BX-12 subwoofer comes in a classic dual bandpass enclosure with Plexiglas. With a size of 83 x 38 x 48 cm and a depth of 38 cm (equivalent to about 140 liters) the dual bandpass subwoofer is not the smallest but also not the biggest in the review. Due to its average size, the subwoofer can be installed in almost any vehicle.

The workmanship is, as with almost all Hifonics devices, flawless. Straight felt covers, cleanly processed and even Plexiglas. This is where the manufacturer plays out its years of experience in this field.

The design is worth more than an eye-catcher. Besides the striking logo, the Hifonics Brutus BX-12 is illuminated inside with white LEDs. Blue Dustcap LEDs set additional colour accents in the subwoofer. The Brutus BX-12 is visually very appealing, but still exercises restraint. So if you are looking for the middle ground of a discreetly ostentatious subwoofer, you will find it here.

So that you can listen to a review of the sound yourself, there is this video (do not forget to switch on the sound!).

Hifonics BX12 Dual-review 😉

Technical information of Hifonics Brutus BX-12

Unfortunately in the review we noticed the high power consumption, which is to some extent due to the high performance of the Hifonics Brutus BX-12. What can be said, however, is that the subwoofer had the most powerful bass in our review. It had power from the Gods and therefore rightly deserves the title Bassinator! Very important to get the full power out of it is a powerful amplifier. But already on low flame, the bass would be more than sufficient!

Hifonics remained true to its motto with the Brutus BX-12. Extremely high performance in a compact housing, with a more than fair price/performance ratio. However, this requires a lot of energy, which the bassinator reproduces in form of the strongest bass of the review. Apart from the excellent workmanship, Hifonics has once again done more than everything right optically.

The subwoofer with its 800 Wrms needs suitable accessories. If you use the recommended accessories you can bridge the amplifier and get the full power from the subwoofer! A powercap is mandatory and pay attention to the diameter of the power cable! With such a high power a 50mm² is necessary.

Recommended accessories:


Hifonics ZXi 6002


Hifonics HFC-1000

Cable set

Hama AMP-Kit 50

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