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Hieha GPSS03 – Navigation Device Reviewed


In a series of reviews, various navigation devices were reviewed and evaluated for certain criteria. The categories equipment, handling, route calculation, destination guidance and map updates served as a basis for evaluation in order to get a broad overview of the most important functions of a navigation device. The Hieha GPSS03 takes the last place in this series, because it could not convince completely in some areas. Surely this fact is also due to the extremely low price. For bargain hunters the Hieha model could still be a good solution if you need help on Germany’s roads from time to time.

The equipment

In the review for navigation devices, the first criterion was the equipment. Even here, the Hieha model has no chance of keeping up with any of its four competitors. Nevertheless, three out of five possible points are not a bad result either. With 49 integrated countries, the potential of this low-cost product is particularly clear. However, the quality of the screen and the mounting bracket do leave some room for improvement. But one thing is also clear, there is room for savings somewhere. One can promise that all other categories have done relatively well. Most of the savings are made on the hardware.

The handling

In terms of handling, however, the Hieha model is on a par with all other products, except for the review winner from TomTom. The handling is kept simple and plain. Especially with the settings, it quickly becomes clear that one attaches importance to simple selection options so as not to confuse the buyer. So the principle of this navigation device was quickly understood. A plus point, as the competing models often have too many features built in. Less is sometimes more.

The route calculation

The product is also surprisingly well equipped in terms of route calculation for the price of just over 50 €. Although the general calculation takes a few seconds longer than with the devices from TomTom or Garmin, you can still accept this without problems. Only with fast changes in the running traffic, it can take some time until they are taken into account. Here it can happen that the next traffic jam can unfortunately no longer be avoided.

The target guidance

The main reason why the hieha landed on the last place is the finish line. In this category the cheap product has to admit defeat to all other competitors. Here it becomes clear where exactly besides the hardware money was saved. Especially the visual display is not always clear and concise, so that inexperienced users can take the wrong exit if they are not wide awake and rely too much on the traffic assistant. Also the voice instructions repeat themselves far too often and can cause confusion when exits or junctions are close together.


Exactly in this category there is a surprise again. The Hieha is in a way review winner in this category. Admittedly, this is a bit mean with the review winner TomTom. Nevertheless, this is to be emphasized, since the service for map updates is to be evaluated enormously positively here. A slight update compared to some brand products speaks for itself. So thumbs up! For occasional drivers in the European area, this navigation system can already be sufficient to reach the destination without major detours.

Technical information:

Modell: Hieha GPSS03

Maps: Europe (49 countries)

Map updates: daily (for life)

Display sizes: 7 inch

destination entry: manual, voice command

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