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Hapro Traxer 6.6 – Roof Cargo Box Review


The Hapro Traxer 6.6 is a very high quality manufactured roof box. You can store a wide variety of items in it in a space-saving and secure manner. The Hapro Traxer 6.6 roof box has a volume of up to 410 litres and a low weight of only 18 kilograms. The following guide explains what else makes it so special and also addresses any possible disadvantages.


As already mentioned, the roof box is manufactured to a very high standard. You will certainly realize this when you take a closer look at it for the first time. It is also functional and makes a very good impression from a visual point of view. Because the design is kept classic and will therefore certainly still be popular in the future. Therefore the roof box convinces also in this point. It can also be attached to your vehicle very easily and quickly. For this you don’t even need extensive knowledge, but should simply read the operating instructions thoroughly.

Specially developed grip claws, which are fastened to the previously attached roof rack with rotary knobs, help you during installation. When you have done this job properly, a slight clacking sounds. This confirms that all parts are properly engaged and the box is therefore firmly and securely seated. Since you will also be using it on the road, safety should always be paramount. This was also the opinion of the manufacturer and has given the roof box an aerodynamic design.

In addition, it has been reviewed for safety by TÜV and has also passed the so-called city crash review.


With an enormous volume of 410 litres, the Hapro Traxer 6.6 clearly outperforms many comparable products in this respect, some of which only have a volume of 250 to 270 litres. This makes this roof box also suitable for holidays with the entire family. In total it can carry a maximum load of 75 kilograms and itself weighs only 18 kilograms. This means that you can lift it onto the roof without the help of a second person.

Advantages & disadvantages of Hapro Traxer 6.6


The Traxer 6.6 is made of a robust material and therefore ideally protects the luggage from all external influences. The aerodynamic shape of the roof box must also be considered a positive feature. Because this does not change the driving experience unnecessarily. Due to the fact that the box has been reviewed by TÜV, you can assume that it is a safe product. This is also confirmed once again by the passed City-Crash-review. Also the quick and easy assembly is a noteworthy advantage.

Even laymen will quickly find their way around and have the box fixed within a few minutes. If you hear a slight crackling sound, you know that all relevant parts are properly engaged. This way you can be sure that the roof box is firmly and securely attached.


The Traxer 6.6 from Hapro has only one small disadvantage. Only the threading of the retaining straps turns out to be somewhat cumbersome. Apart from that there is nothing negative to say about this roof box.

Technical details


The Hapro Traxer 6.6 roof box scores with a relatively large volume of 410 litres.

This makes it suitable for excursions with the whole family, for example. The box itself is of very high quality and protects the luggage from any damage. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty. Therefore service is very important here. You can safely store a wide variety of items in the roof box, such as skis and snowboards for winter holidays, clothing or a folded pram.

It can be used in a variety of ways and impresses with its comparatively low dead weight of 18 kilograms, among other things. The manufacturer has also been very successful in terms of design and workmanship. The former is kept classic and therefore timeless, so that it will continue to be a real eye-catcher in the years to come.

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