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Hapro Roof Cargo Boxes – Top 3 Reviewed


The Hapro roof box comes from the Dutch DL Hapro bv, which was founded in 1982. The company’s product portfolio includes car roof boxes and sunbeds. The company’s employees manufacture the products with the lareview technology and in very modern designs. The manufacturer has positioned itself internationally through its quality and innovation.

Top 3 Hapro roof boxes

Hapro Rider 6.4

The Hapro Rider 6.4 offers a volume of 410 litres. It is equipped with a central locking system, an extra solid floor and an Easy-fit mounting system.

It is offered in the colour anthracite, the material is ABS/ASA. The inner dimensions are 187 x 78 x 42 cm, the outer dimensions 192 x 82 x 42 cm. The roof box can hold a maximum of 60 kg, it can be opened on both sides at a dead weight of only 17 kg and is suitable for winter sports: Three pairs of skis fit inside.

There are two tension belts in the TÜV-certified roof box, which is attached with a 75 mm roof rack profile. The manufacturer gives a three year warranty on this roof box.

Hapro Traxer 6.6

The spacious roof box holds 410 litres and can be mounted quickly, easily and safely with the unique, patented Premium-Fit-System. The Hapro Traxer also has a central locking system, in addition the key can only be removed when the box has been correctly locked.

The external dimensions of 191 x 81 x 42 cm and internal dimensions of 186 x 76 x 41 cm create space for three pairs of skis or four snowboards. The grey-silver box is made of ABS/ASA, the payload weight may reach 75 kg (own weight: 18 kg). It is mounted on a 95 x 38 mm roof rack profile. The manufacturer gives a five-year guarantee.

Hapro-Kreuzer 10,8

The third car roof box in our Hapro roof box comparison is the Cruiser 10.8 made of ABS with double opening. It is relatively large at 226 x 94 x 43 cm and has a capacity of 600 litres at a weight of 24.5 kg.

This roof box from Hapro also has the security features of the other two models such as central locking.

Hapro: the series

A Hapro roof box can come from one of the following series:

  • Hapro Rider roof box
  • Hapro Traxer roof box
  • Hapro Zenith roof box
  • Hapro Nordic roof box
  • Hapro Cruiser roof box

The name Hapro is as well known to campers and athletes as Thule. The focus of a roof box from Hapro is on a functional design, safety and ease of use. The individual Hapro series in detail:

  • The Hapro Rider series offers shapely, high-quality boxes, which are available in three different sizes. The opening systems also differ: The Rider 4.4 opens from the rear. Hapro Rider boxes are extremely stable and very well designed. Their storage space ranges from 370 to 410 l, they have the Easy-Fit fastening system and metal reinforcement profiles in their base. Models 5.4 and 6.4 can hold several pairs of skis each.
  • Hapro Traxer series: These spacious roof boxes are often used by campers for longer holidays. The materials used are light and safe. The storage space can be 320, 370, 410 or 570 l, all models have central locking and open on both sides except the 6.2 model. From the 5.6 series onwards, they also accommodate skis. Lashing straps, metal reinforcement profiles and the Premium Fit fastening are included.
  • Hapro Zenith series: This is the most noble and exclusive series of Hapro, made of very modern materials and offering a lot of storage space. Hapro’s Zenith series has received top marks for its aerodynamics, elegance, storage space, user-friendliness and reliability. The storage space can be 360 or 440 l, the boxes with central locking can be opened on both sides. Six pairs of skis fit into the larger version.
  • Hapro Nordic Series: This series with 460 l storage space and opening possibility on both sides offers a quick release fastener with claws. The boxes lie very flat on the roof, which minimizes noise. They have a central locking system and can hold nine pairs of skis.
  • Hapro Cruiser Series: This is Hapro’s most spacious series, the volume is 600 l at a comparatively low price. Here too, a quick-release fastener with claws is used. Loading and unloading is made easier by the fact that it can be opened on both sides. A central locking system is included. Who likes, can take 10 pairs of skis with this roof box. Lashing straps are included.

All Hapro series are TÜV reviewed and carry the GS mark.

The company Hapro

VDL Hapro is a wholly owned subsidiary of the VDL Groep, an international industrial company specialising in the development, production and sale of semi-finished and finished products in the automotive, sports and wellness sectors. The VDL Groep is an association of independent companies, each with its own areas of expertise, which cooperate with each other, thereby creating synergies, for example in material development.

The current group was founded in 1953 as a family business. It now consists of 99 individual companies, operating in 20 countries with 17,000 employees. The VDL Groep, and therefore also Hapro, focuses on innovation, quality and the highest level of customer orientation.

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