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Ground Zero GZRB 2.300SPL – Passive Subwoofer Reviewed


Ground Zero enjoys a worldwide reputation for revolutionizing the car hi-fi industry with new technologies and ideas. Whether the American company has made another breakthrough with Ground Zero GZRB 2.300SPL or does not live up to its reputation after all, we will now take a look:

At first glance, the beautiful design immediately catches the eye. It comes in the typical Ground Zero colours black and yellow. In addition, there is also an LED interior lighting, which accentuates the subwoofer even better.

And no savings have been made in the construction either. The material is of high quality and the workmanship is successful, even with extreme basses nothing starts to clatter. Due to the high quality the Ground Zero GZRB 2.300SPL still has a huge advantage, before the subwoofer dies, the car will die. So you can even move the subwoofer into your next and wah

Ground Zero also offers a lot of power in terms of sound. Already the previous model GZRB 2.250SPL was known for its great power, but with the GZRB 2.300SPL they have increased the power by another 25% and this with a top sound quality. Unfortunately, the bass is sometimes a bit too strong, so the sound can’t be fully appreciated. But one thing is for sure, as soon as the system is running, everyone in the village will notice that.

Technical information from Ground Zero GZRB 2.300SPL

The Ground Zero GZRB 2.300SPL with its 2.500 Wrms is in a league of its own in terms of performance. This enormous power, combined with a bandpass, makes a beast! The bass was just extremely strong, but couldn’t quite keep up with the Hifonics Brutus BX-12. Its two membranes have a diameter of 30 cm and the cabinet measures 84 x 39.5 x 32 cm. It won’t fit into a Smart anymore… So make sure you have enough space in the trunk.

The Ground Zero GZRB 2.300SPL excels with its powerful bass, performance, design and quality craftsmanship. With its durability, the proud price is definitely justified.

In order for the Ground Zero subwoofer to unleash its full power, it naturally needs the appropriate accessories. A strong powercap is an absolute must, the power cables must have a large diameter because of its great power and the power amplifier must have enough power. If you use the recommended accessories, you can get the full power by bridging the wiring at the power amplifier.

Recommended accessories:


Bodennullpunkt 2850XII


Hifonics HFC-2000

Cable set

Hama AMP-Kit 50

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