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Find A Suitable Navigation Mount


You have bought your navigation system and found out that the supplied bracket does not meet your expectations. Then you feel like some other car drivers in Germany. Because most of them are only designed for mounting on the windscreen, but not for special cases, such as on the dashboard or before ventilation. Therefore we have started to search for some pa

Bracket for the fitting

On the disc is not always the right place. Because above the radio it can quickly restrict the field of vision or appear disturbing. Also on the left of the steering wheel it is not directly in the field of vision. This distracts you from the road with every glance. In addition, only the driver can look at the display there and the blind spot increases all the more. Therefore the dashboard is a suitable alternative.

Navi before ventilation

If neither the glass nor the fitting is convincing, an alternative for the ventilation grille should be considered. However, since it is a little sought-after idea, there are almost no products that are produced for a navigation system. Mostly it is only used for a mobile phone. But Montola has found a suitable alternative and has produced a good navigation system holder.

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