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Eton Subwoofer Review


High quality and Made in Germany, that is what you associate with an Eton subwoofer. Eton is already known worldwide for the characteristics of its speakers, because they have a high stiffness and are still very light. This membrane technology is so special that it has already been patented under the name “Hexacone Sandwich Membrane”. This makes it unique in the world and gives its subwoofers a special sound that is immediately recognizable when you hear it for the first time. In our subwoofer review it didn’t make it to the first place, but the Eton subwoofer has secured a place far ahead despite heavy competition.

The Eton subwoofer in review

Information about the manufacturer

The history of the company goes back to the year 1983. In this year ETON Electro Acoustic GmbH was founded in Germany. Its goal was and still is to develop loudspeakers that provide the customer with the highest possible level of listening pleasure. The beginnings were for home HiFi applications. Only years later the product range was expanded and equipped with products for car HiFi. In the meantime they have achieved many great successes and have many well-known OEM customers (original equipment manufacturers) at home and abroad. Today the product range still includes solutions for home HiFi, as well as car HiFi with subwoofer, power amplifiers, speakers and accessories. They are regularly one of the sponsors at competitions, as in the following video, which is a summary of the South German Championship 2015. Do not forget to switch on the sound!

ETON Southern German Championship 2015

The company has created a competition team, the Team ETON. The aim is to increase the level of awareness even further and to inspire the spectators at trade fairs and events. No expense and effort is spared and the lareview products and installations are always presented. Also there are partner vehicles, which are taken under contract by them. Among others, Captains Gerri Douven are under contract in the competition area db drag & db Cup. As well as Wolfgang Fischer for the Show&Shine area.

What do we like and dislike about the Eton subwoofer?

As soon as you see the first Eton subwoofer, you don’t think of a conventional car subwoofer, but of a professional solution for festivals and concerts. It fits perfectly into the trunk of the car and is also designed for this purpose. Just the right thing for rock fans! All in all, we are very satisfied with the work of Eton. They attach great importance to the high quality of the materials and the workmanship. The life expectancy of their products is correspondingly high, even if they are handled unpleasantly. Especially the patented membrane already says a lot about the urge for innovation and improvement. What we unfortunately had to realize is that the price is a bit high, but high quality costs its price and that is justified. Especially car drivers who attach great importance to high quality are well served with an Eton subwoofer and will have a long time pleasure with them!

What we like:+ Very high quality of materials and workmanship + Made in Germany + Very durable + Patented Hexacone Sandwich Membrane + Sponsor of many fairs and events + Simple
What we do not like:- The subwoofers are a bit expensive in comparison, but we offer

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