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Travelling With A Car Trailer – Safety Tips For Driving With A Trailer


According to current statistics, around 7.3 million motor vehicle trailers were registered here in Germany at the beginning of 2018. Over the past ten years, this number has always increased by around 200,000 units every year, and this trend seems set to continue in the future. The possibility of driving and using a trailer themselves is so advantageous for many people that more and more young people are also taking the BE or B96 in addition to the simple B driving licence, the classic car driving licence. These driving licence classes also allow a vehicle/trailer combination of up to seven tonnes or even a total towing weight of 4,250 kilograms.

Driving with a trailer: safety always comes first!

If you have a car, your own trailer and the driving licences required for use, you can generally drive off immediately. Once you have a feeling for how driving with a trailer works, this is no longer a problem for most people. Driving a car trailer would then be a thing of the past.

Only the safety measures when handling and driving with a trailer are another important point in order to get from A to B with the things to be transported safely and without damage. The most frequently used means is a trailer net, as you can see on the linked page. But what safety precautions should be taken before departure and what else might be needed? Exactly these questions we would like to deal with in the following article and have therefore informed ourselves comprehensively on this topic. We have summarized all the results of our research for you here.

Load securing is the be-all and end-all

When driving over the motorway and outside it, you have certainly seen it before: poorly or not at all secured cargo on a car trailer. This is not only extremely negligent, but above all very dangerous for third parties. If you are driving on the motorway at 100 kmh and there is something coming towards you from the trailer of the car in front of you, this can lead to a serious accident for the driver.

This makes it all the more important to secure the load correctly, which is best ensured by a trailer net, depending on the type and size of the load. Trailer nets can be attached flexibly and can thus secure loads of various shapes all round. In addition to tension belts, which also serve as additional safety, a tarpaulin can also be used for light and small items such as leaves or stones.

No distraction and concentrated driving

In addition to securing the load, special attention should always be paid to the surroundings during the journey. In order to be able to perceive sounds, other road users and events during the journey at all times, it must always be possible to absorb one hundred percent of the noise. In the case of large trailers or motorhomes, for example, additional mirrors are definitely necessary and loud music should also be avoided during the journey. This can really have a very negative effect on concentration and distract from the road.

Practising exceptional situations in advance

“Reverse shunting”? I’ll never have to anyway.” – This statement is certainly made by some drivers, but it is completely wrong. Unusual situations also occur from time to time in everyday life, so that when driving with a trailer one should be prepared for all kinds of things. These situations certainly include reversing the trailer and coupling or uncoupling.

Also you should know exactly about your trailer and its characteristics in combination with your car:

  • What is my support load?
  • Does the lighting work?
  • Where are the lashing points?
  • How do I load the trailer correctly?

Many more tips for driving with a trailer can be found, for example, in this well-known trade magazine.

Conclusion on important tips for safety when driving with a trailer

If you have paid close attention at the driving school and take our tips to heart and leaf through the vehicle documents thoroughly before your first trip with the trailer, you will certainly have no problems or worries when driving with a trailer behind the car. Safety is always important and if this is guaranteed, nothing will stand in your way.

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