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Installing & Connecting The Subwoofer – The Instructions For Doing It Yourself!


What are the options? how are the components connected? two cables and four connectors, how does it work? not to forget: Finally, connect a video through the subwoofer.
If you want to listen to basic music in your car, at some point you will not be able to avoid having a subwoofer installed in your car. Although many cars are already equipped with good built-in speakers, the quality and ultimately the frequency range is often insufficient. Low frequencies are lost and only affect the speakers, which is detrimental to the quality and performance. What are the options? Connecting a subwoofer is not difficult and there are several options for those who want to install it in their car. Since it always requires a certain amount of space, installation in the boot area is almost always recommended. Low frequencies cannot be located by the ear, so the installation location is not important for the sound experience. With lashing straps, a subwoofer can easily be mounted on the rear seat or in the boot itself. It’s important that the subwoofer is firmly seated so that it can’t come loose later, the electrical connections are torn off or the subwoofer is damaged. Connecting a subwoofer is done via both channels, but bridged; i.e. the right and left channel, as stereo separation makes no sense. More on this later. The advantage here is the double power by using both channels, which gives a crisp sound for a subwoofer in a car. Disadvantage is that it also has a higher power consumption: the power amplifier can be screwed either in the boot, on the back seat or in the footwell. The installation and the tight fit is of great advantage. Suitable screws can be obtained in every hardware store without problems. The best car subwoofers from our review are briefly introduced: How are the components connected? There are basically two different ways to connect a subwoofer: active and passive. The passive subwoofer requires an additional power amplifier that is connected before the subwoofer. In the picture above the wiring is shown. The sound from the subwoofer is adjusted by the power amplifier, in contrast to the active subwoofer. Here the power amplifier is already integrated in the subwoofer’s housing. You save yourself some cable ways and the installation of the power amplifier, but the bass is not as strong as in the passive version. Most car radios have a so-called “low signal” output, usually in the form of RCA sockets on the back. With an appropriate long RCA cable, the power amplifier can be easily fed from the car radio. Nearly every power amplifier has not only the terminals for a “high” input but also RCA sockets as input. So connecting the subwoofer is child’s play and can be done by just about anyone: two cables and four connections, how does it work? The so-called “bridging” is a frequently used condition for power amplifiers in cars. It means nothing else than that both channels are merged into one and thus double the power is available, so if you have the two (hopefully thick) wires in your hand and want to connect them to the power amp, you proceed as follows: Use the positive terminal of one channel and the negative terminal of the other channel. The other two connections simply remain free. Most power amplifiers use the outermost terminals to bridge the gap between the two channels, not to forget: The power supply! Each power amp must of course be powered. It is important to make sure that the cross sections are sufficient and that they are protected so that no fire damage can occur. The direct supply from the car battery and via a capacitor is always recommended here; terminals and accessories are available everywhere. The connection via the already existing cable for the car radio can be used if the cross-section is sufficient. The advantage is the automatic switch-off after unplugging the car key. A subsequent installation of a switch is another possibility. Finally: Connecting a video via the subwoofer

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