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Thule Roof Cargo Boxes – What To Look For When Buying?


Thule offers many roof boxes made of different materials, so you are sure to find the right roof box for you. The Thule roof box is available in different sizes, so that you can, for example, also transport your extended family’s belongings in the roof box.

Only the best and highest quality materials are used, which also make the roof box weatherproof and weather-resistant. The special central locking system protects safely against theft, as the key can only be removed when all existing locking points are securely locked. Thule roof boxes have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and are TÜV approved.

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What should be considered when buying roof boxes?

  • First of all you should consider in advance what material the roof box should be made of.
  • You should be aware beforehand of the purpose of transport and the associated size of the roof box.
  • It is recommended that you first measure the height of your garage so that you know how high the roof box may be.
  • You have to see which roof racks you have to use.
  • Before you buy, you should also inquire if your vehicle is designed to carry a Thule roof box. Convertibles, sports cars and compact cars, for example, usually do not have clearance for roof loads. You should consult your car’s logbook to learn more about this.
  • Make sure that the size of the roof box is compatible with the size of your car. The roof box should not protrude either front or rear, so you can prevent wind noise and higher fuel consumption while driving, for example.

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1. roof box Thule Touring M (200)

The Fast Click quick fastener system with the built-in torque indicator promises easy and safe assembly and disassembly of the Thule roof box Touring M (200). The Dualside system gives you the possibility to open the roof box from both sides, making loading and unloading easy.

Promises high security!

The central locking system with the handle-friendly key promises high security. With this roof box you can transport a maximum of 5 to 7 skis or 4 to 5 snowboards. The skis may have a maximum length of 155 cm. If you want to use a ski carrier, you will need an appropriate adapter.

Air resistance, driving noise and vibrations are minimized

Because the floor of the roof box is lowered, air resistance is minimized and driving noise and vibrations are reduced. Due to the safe installation, you can also drive high speeds without fear with this roof box. This roof box has the perfect combination of high-quality material, fast handling and a secure locking system. In the following you will find some more interesting


Conclusion – roof box Thule

If you are looking for a very versatile, stable and safe roof box that will allow you to transport 4-5 pairs of skis, for example, then the Thule Touring M (200) roof box is perfect for you.

2nd roof box Thule Ranger 90The Thule Ranger 90 roof box is a folding roof box that can be easily rolled up to save space. The EasySnap fastening system guarantees easy assembly without tools. The delivery includes a special bag for the rolled roof box, so that it can always be transported in the car.

The roof box is extra reinforced

The roof box is specially reinforced so that it can be loaded with up to 50 kilograms. With this foldable roof box, which is TÜV-reviewed, the city crash regulations are fulfilled. Even at higher speeds this Thule roof box does not make itself felt.

A big plus is…

A big plus is that this roof box also fits on small and compact cars. Another small tip: heavy and large luggage should be placed in the bottom and in the middle of the box. Below are a few details worth knowing:


Conclusion – roof box Thule

If you own a small or compact car or need a roof box that you can roll up and always carry in the trunk, then this Thule Ranger 90 roof box is the perfect choice. You will have much fun with this roof box.

3. roof box Thule Touring Sport (600)

The roof box Thule Touring Sport (600) – Titan Aeroskin can carry a maximum number of 4 to 6 skis or snowboards.

The maximum length of the skis may be approx. 175 cm. The FastClick quick-fastening system with the built-in torque indicator, which ensures easy and safe installation on the roof, is particularly noteworthy.

The special locking system

Protection against theft is provided by the special locking system, in which the key can only be removed when all locking points are locked. Another very positive feature is that the easy-to-grip key fits very well in the hand. The Thule roof box can only be opened from one side and has a modern design.

If you don’t want to carry only snowboards in the roof box, you can also carry a lot of other luggage in the roof box. Due to the safe assembly, high speeds of over 100 km/h are also possible.

Appropriate sounds will tell you…

Corresponding noises will indicate when you are not allowed to drive even faster. The special ski holders must then be ordered separately. Below are some interesting details about the Thule Touring Sport roof box (600):


Conclusion – roof box from Thule

If you are looking for a roof box in which you can easily and safely transport even long skis, the roof box Thule Touring Sport (600) – Titan Aeroskin is just the right roof box for you.

4. roof box Thule Motion XXL

The Thule Motion XXL roof box has room for a maximum of 5 to 7 skis or snowboards. The skis may have a length of 190 cm. The roof box can be opened on both sides. You can open it easily thanks to the dual-force spring system. Due to the torque indicator the roof box can be mounted and dismounted easily.

Because of the 4 swivel heads, the roof box can be quickly fixed on almost all basic carriers.

Stable anti-theft device

A particular plus point is also the good anti-theft protection provided by the built-in central locking system, which means that the roof box must be properly locked at various points before the key can be released. Due to the improved design and the resulting advanced position, the boot can be opened to the maximum.

Large amount of luggage

If you are not transporting skis or snowboards, you can carry a large amount of luggage with the Thule roof box Motion XXL. You can even transport a pram with this roof box. The dual-force suspension system keeps the roof box open. Below you will find a few more interesting details:


Conclusion – roof box Thule

If you need a roof box to travel with your family or have to carry so much luggage, the Thule Motion XXL roof box is highly recommended. This roof box is characterized by its stability and spaciousness.

Our roof box guide

What do you have to consider when driving with the roof box?

If possible, you should pack your luggage in such a way that you are not affected when cornering and braking. It is very important that you never exceed the permissible roof load. If the roof load is exceeded, you and your family will be in danger while riding.

Should you ever not use your Thule roof box, it is advisable to remove the roof box. In this way you will reduce the increased fuel consumption and reduce drag. When visiting a parking garage, be sure to check the height of your car with the roof box installed.

What types of roof boxes are available?

Compact roof boxes: They are characterised by a length up to 170 cm and a width from 70 cm. You can also transport long skis with this type of Thule roof boxes. The length of this roof box is from 175 cm, there is a width from 70 cm.family box: The Thule roof box is long with a medium width, making it ideal for your family. It offers a lot of space for your holiday luggage, but also offers a lot of space on the roof of the car to attach bike racks. They have a length from 175 cm and a width between 70 and 84 cm.the narrow one: This type of roof box is characterized by the fact that it is long and narrow. Because of the narrow width you can mount several bike racks next to the Thule roof box. It is characterized by a length from 175 cm and a width up to 69 cm.

How do you mount your Thule roof box correctly?

First, you must connect the Thule roof box to the crossbars. It is very important that you keep the exact distance between the beams, as these roof boxes fit into the attachment points on the car. The first time you mount the beams on the roof, you will usually need to adjust them slightly. After cleaning the contact points, you should make sure that you do not lose any intermediate rubber parts.

Please use only clamps that are approved for your vehicle to attach the crossbars to the car roof. The clamps do not fit for every car. Please use only the special tool supplied. The luggage should be evenly distributed in the roof box. It is also recommended that you use specially designed safety nets, tension belts and ski racks inside the roof box to increase safety.

How does your driving style change with the mounted roof box?

If you are driving with the Thule roof box on the roof of your car, you must expect your stopping distance to increase as your vehicle tilts more in corners. You must also remember that the roof box gives the side wind more room to attack. The recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h. Never carry heavy luggage in the roof box, as it can be dangerous when you brake.

Please stow your luggage in the roof box so that it cannot slip. S […] […]

A small tip: Cover the front of the roof box with a blanket so that the objects in the roof box do not penetrate to the front in the event of an emergency stop. Appropriate tension straps offer you and your luggage an extra portion of safety.

What materials can a Thule roof box be made of?

The foldable roof boxes are made of high-quality, tear-resistant and waterproof polyamide. The normal Thule roof boxes are made of a high-quality, weatherproof and stable plastic. This plastic is then processed in such a way that even UV light cannot damage the roof box.

These roof boxes are already available in many different colors, so you can see which color suits your car best. No matter what material you want to use, only the highest quality and best materials are used for the roof boxes.

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