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Mounting The Roof Cargo Box Correctly – What Should You Pay Attention To?


If you like to travel and also carry a large amount of luggage, a roof box can be very practical. Because it offers you additional storage space. This gives you more space in the vehicle.

A roof box is usually very easy to install on a car. There are models for all types of vehicles, so you too can find the right model. Some cars have special fixtures for this purpose, to which the roof box is attached. For other cars you will need to make certain preparations first. In the following article you will learn how to attach a roof box to your car quickly and easily.

How is a roof box installed on a car?

The delivery of a roof box should also include a simply described installation instruction. Ideally, all necessary steps are explained in detail in these instructions. But before doing so, you should make sure that the roof box is also suitable for your vehicle. If you observe this, nothing can go wrong. However, it is important that you also use the appropriate carrier. Some cars already have this on their roof, but for others it has to be retrofitted. Sometimes it is secured in the windows, sometimes special covers are removed on the roof for this purpose. In addition, cross beams must be available for the assembly.

When purchasing, make sure that the roof box is neither too small nor too large. It is also important that the desired model is as aerodynamic and streamlined as possible. Occasionally roof boxes lie on the motorway because they were mounted incorrectly and then came loose while driving. This is very annoying for the driver and also very dangerous for the other cars. To prevent such a thing, the roof box must always be mounted on the vehicle at a certain angle specified by the manufacturer.

In most cases, this can be found in the operating instructions. If not, you should definitely ask the respective manufacturer. It is also important that you only install the roof box when it is completely empty. Mostly you have to tighten some screws inside the box. Do not load the box until it is mounted on the roof. Otherwise you will have to lift the box with its entire weight, which is quite strenuous with a load of 70 kilograms, for example. Otherwise the assembly of a roof box is quite simple and quick.

Once you have carried out all the necessary steps, you should check once again whether it is really tight. This will ensure that it does not slip while driving and does not endanger other road users.

What else is important when mounting a roof rack?

  • The box must not protrude too far to the front or rear of the car
  • Always follow the operating instructions
  • After assembly, retighten and check all screws again
  • First assemble then load
  • The roof box must also not protrude laterally over the car
  • Always use only one suitable carrier
  • Secure the lock after assembly
  • Stow the key safely, preferably inside the vehicle

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