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Car Radio Comparison For Your Car – Review


With the large selection of car radios, it is not always easy to find the right one. That’s why we have included a car radio review in our subwoofer review. In the comparison we took into account the features, size, appearance and outputs. Any car radio that didn’t have a suitable output for a subwoofer was not included in the comparison.

The categories and their winners

Why are there only 2 categories? This is very simple, because there are only 2 car radio sizes. The features are completely different in both and therefore it makes no sense to equate a 1-DIN radio with a 2-DIN radio. Both also have car radios up to 500 € and higher, but this is just more over the top. Above all, there are many more features and you won’t notice any difference in performance, looks etc. Therefore we can recommend these two radios with a good conscience from the car radio comparison below. To get a more detailed impression of the two radios, here are the technical details from the manufacturer:

Car radio comparison and what now?

First you have to wait until the car radio arrives and then you can get to work. The next steps for you are the installation and connection to the power amplifier or subwoofer. There is no general concept for opening the fairing, because there are so many different car brands and models and no two are alike. But once the car radio is removed, it can be easily replaced. Here you will find a suitable instruction.

Now you not only save time and money with our subwoofer review, but also with the car radio comparison. Now nothing stands in the way of the mission of a perfect sound experience in the car!

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