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Buy Suitable Speakers For Your Car Review


Speakers are available in all variations, small, large, oval, round, square etc. In the car almost exclusively round speakers are used. To make sure you don’t make these mistakes when buying speakers, we will now clarify a few terms and give you tips for choosing the right speaker for your car. To give you even more help, take a look at our car speaker review. But first, a common beginner’s mistake is to believe that speakers are the same as speakers. It’s not quite right at home, but it’s completely wrong in your car! The term box is derived from the English word for cabinet. In a car, speakers don’t have a cabinet, so don’t use speakers, especially in forums you’ll be thanked.

It works in the same way as a subwoofer, with the difference that the diaphragm is smaller. The same applies to PC speakers. There are different systems for the reproduction of the middle and high frequencies:

  • 1-way loudspeaker is a normal loudspeaker as it comes ready from the factory. It plays both the middle and the high frequencies. Therefore it is relatively cheap to buy and can be installed in the car quickly and easily, but the quality is not as good as with other systems.
  • 2-way loudspeaker consists of 2 membranes and falls under the category composite system (it consists of several components). They have a built-in crossover, which allows one to reproduce the mid-range frequencies and the other the high frequencies. Compared to the 1-way, it costs a bit more and is more complicated to install, but the sound quality is much better.
  • Coaxial loudspeakers are a special form of composite systems. To save space the membranes are located on one axis. The small membrane (tweeter) reproduces the high frequencies and the large one (woofer) the middle frequencies. Like the 1-way, they are quick to install and have a good sound quality. However, they cannot compete with the 2-way in terms of sound quality.
  • 3-way loudspeakers are a mixture of both systems. Normally there are 2 tweeters on one woofer, but not on the same axis. This should promise even better sound, but it is only imperceptibly better […]

There are also special forms, 4-way and 5-way. But these are only tweeters on a woofer, whereas I find that the quality from the midrange is getting worse and worse. Up to now I have always used 2-way and I must say that the extra effort for the installation has always been worth it.

What should you look for when buying speakers?

If you have decided on the system concept 2.1 for your car, you can buy new speakers relatively easily. I assume that you have already installed some in the front, you just have to exchange them. If you want more, you can check the back doors. With a bit of luck there are already recesses there for the expansion of the existing system. There are usually no recesses in the front door to install a larger compo system. If you want to enlarge your system without recesses you will have to become a craftsman and drill holes.

When buying, pay particular attention to the size and shape of the current speakers. Are they oval, square or round? What is their diameter? The easiest way is to order the same shape again. Otherwise you can use spacer rings* for a smaller diameter. For a larger diameter, you have no choice but to make the holes larger.

In addition to size, when buying speakers you should also pay attention to the basics, the sound! As with the subwoofer, the same applies here:

  • The more sound pressure (dB), the better the sound
  • The more power (Wrms), the stronger the bass
  • High quality material ensures a better sound
  • The high and medium frequency range should be covered

Which brands are the best?

In this category the spirits are divided and in forums people often crash against each other. But basically you can remember that high quality manufacturers are Ground Zero, JBL, Pioneer, Hertz and Audio System. In the middle class the field goes a little bit further with Magnat, Rockford, Dimension, Rainbow and many more. When buying speakers, you shouldn’t look purely at the price. It’s better to go for high-quality brand products than to get an inferior bargain. Because the installation is not necessarily easy. If you get a poor sound quality, all the work was in vain and you can start all over again! It’s not like you have to buy new speakers every year, but once bought they stay in use for the lifetime of your car. The difference is less than 1 time refueling.

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