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Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A – Active Subwoofer Reviewed


Blaupunkt is a traditional German company founded in 1923 in Hildesheim and supplies good quality products. Numerous satisfied customers can confirm this. The manufacturer succeeds in bringing its products to the market with a very good price-performance ratio. Whether he has succeeded in this feat with this product as well, we will clarify in our Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A review.

The Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A is a rather small subwoofer of active design. With its output of 150 Wrms it provides a decent sound. It reproduces the music well and surprises with its strong basses, which you wouldn’t have thought possible with its small dimensions. Small, but oho! Probably the biggest advantage of this subwoofer is that it easily fits under the passenger seat or in the boot. You don’t have to sacrifice half of the car boot for strong basses — thanks to the Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A! And with a little technical skill it can be installed quite easily, and the cable set is included. But there are some things we didn’t like that much.

For example, the quality of the material used is rather average and the design could also be visually more appealing, it looks a bit cheap at first sight. But one has to consider that one also has to make compromises with this purchase price. Those who are aware of this will be well advised with Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A. Normally, you don’t have to worry about the robustness of the subwoofer either, the diaphragm is sufficiently protected and can withstand the odd blow or two. The reason why this small subwoofer is so powerful and brings a stately maximum output of 300 watts onto the road is that Blaupunkt has optimally tuned the subwoofer.

This is one of the things that we found particularly positive in our Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A review. Anyway, we think that Blaupunkt has brought a good entry-level model onto the market with this subwoofer. Many buyers report that the bass speaker is the optimal solution for all those who don’t want a huge bass box in the trunk but are looking for a solution that can also be fitted perfectly under a seat.

Here is a small sample (turn up the volume for the review)

Technical information of Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A

But now enough of our subjective impressions and on to the hard facts of our Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A review. This small subwoofer belongs to the category of closed subwoofers and thus combines active sound reproduction. With its output of 150 Wrms, it is in the upper midfield in the category of small subwoofers. Its maximum output is 300 watts, the membrane has a diameter of 20 cm. Its actual dimensions are 34 x 22.5 x 7.9 cm. The subwoofer is thus about the size of a shoebox. […]

The Blaupunkt Blue Magic XLf 200 A is suitable for beginners. Quick and easy to install, but in terms of sound and quality there are already better models available at this price.

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