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Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT – Car Radio Reviewed


Blaupunkt is one of the best-known car radio manufacturers in Germany. For decades, the company, which is particularly well ahead in the car entertainment sector, has stood for high-quality and durable products. In a review we have reviewed a large number of car radios that are currently popular on the market. Especially the Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT could convince with a high number of additional features. The reason why it did not make it into the top five is ultimately the price. The price is far above average compared to comparable products. Nevertheless, Blaupunkt shows why a manufacturer has a large market share in this industry.

The features of the Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT

Especially when it comes to features, the product from Blaupunkt is hard to beat. For a car radio without an integrated touch display, this model offers a particularly large number of additional features. In addition to the CD and Bluetooth function, this product offers many other advantages. Especially the control via an iPhone or similar mobile devices brings many advantages. In addition, you will also find an SD slot or an AUX connection for further possibilities to play music.

The handling

Particularly with regard to handling, there are minor disadvantages compared to devices with integrated touch displays, such as the review winner Naviskauto. In general, it is hardly possible for normal car radios to beat products with such a display in the handling category. For a normal device, however, the handling is surprisingly simple, so that you only need a few buttons around the display to set the car radio correctly. Only a little bigger could be the buttons for operating.

The design

Above all, the design shows that Blaupunkt attaches particular importance to the appearance of its products. Innovative and modern in design, the Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT is also visually at its best. Here it becomes clear that for a car radio it is already rather a luxury product. Especially in this category, the competition has a hard time to compete with the Blaupunkt models.

The Price

If you look at the price of the Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT in comparison to a luxury car radio with display, for example the Kenwood DDX317BT, which costs well over 200 €, you could come to the conclusion that just under 150 € for the Blaupunkt product is absolutely fine. But far from it. In comparison with many other normal car radios in the review, however, it became clear that top products are already available on the market for under 100 €. Therefore, exactly this aspect is probably the biggest disadvantage in the overall rating for the Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT in our review.

The size

The size is, as usual with simple car radios, 1-DIN. With this size, installation is usually not a problem, as most cars are designed for this standard size. This would be different for a product with integrated display. Here you often have the disadvantage that with a size of 2-DIN you should check before buying whether the radio can be installed in your own car at all.

The performance

As far as performance is concerned, it can also be stated that there is really nothing to complain about with a product for such a price. In the end, it is the handling and the price that were the downfall of the Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT model.

Technical information:

Model: Blaupunkt Toronto 440 BT Size: 1 DIN Outputs: 4 x 55W Inputs: USB, AUX housing:

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