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Navigation Device Review 2019 – The Best Navigation System For Your Car Reviewed


For many people, the navigation device has become an indispensable aid on the roads around the world. No matter where you are or where you want to go, with the right navigation system we can reach our destination without old maps, which had to be studied to understand them. The everyday object of assistance is therefore a technological invention, which very few people would want to do without nowadays. For this reason we have developed the navigation device review.

What must a navigation system be able to do?

Funny navigation device

is there such a thing on the marketlarge number of sellersand providers, that it is often difficult at the beginning to get an idea of which devices are really good. Apart from all features, the most important thing is the navigation. Therefore, with a good model you should make sure that afull road networkis present andKartenupdatescan be performed at any time. This means that you are always up to date and can avoid major construction sites or traffic jams at an early stage. But the most important thing is that the navigation device generally guides you correctly. Especially in this point there were often problems with earlier models, because depending on the model the shorreview route was calculated instead of the fasreview route.

Today, this can be conveniently selected, so that you can either take the road by land or the motorway. Furthermore, a navigation system should have a good connection to the satellite to avoid short failures. This is especially annoying when you are about to leave the motorway and the navigation system has a breakdown. If you are not quite sure in such a situation, you will get lost quickly or miss the right departure. In the worst case this can cost hours in the total bill.

What did we focus on in the review?

In general, our first concern was to select devices that had a good standing on the market and were nevertheless affordable for almost everyone. Navigation devices for everyone. This is especially important when you consider that this website is intended to cover all potential users, rather than just a small circle. In the end, the decision was made in favour of five navigation devices, which have received good ratings so far and which we have now taken a closer look at. This makes the decision much easier. The equipment made the beginning. Here we compared how well the navigation system is generally equipped in software and hardware.

For example, the number of countries played a major role here. But also the additional features as well as the supplied hardware were closely examined and checked. For example the mounting bracket. Especially this makes many people despair with cheap models, as the navigation system simply does not want to get stuck to the windscreen. Also the compatibility with a mobile phone is meanwhile a decision parameter for technology enthusiasts.

Then it went on with the handling. Here it should be checked if it is generally easy to use the navigation system or if the manual has to be read a bit more carefully. Here often applies. Less is sometimes more. The user should not be overwhelmed with too much information and possibilities. If this is successful, it is much easier to understand and adjust the navigation device. A point that should not be underestimated, especially by people who are not interested in technology but are looking for a practical device. After these two general evaluation criteria we went to the main components. First, the route calculation was put through its paces. Here it was important that the connection to the satellite is established as quickly as possible to avoid long waiting times before departure.

Route calculation, destination guidance and map updates

The route should be calculated quickly and correctly. Also interesting at this point are other features such as conversions. If you get caught in a traffic jam or if a traffic accident occurs on the calculated route, either an alternative should be offered or at least the calculated delay should be taken into account early. The route guidance was the fourth of six aspects. Here, the review examined how good the visual representation on the display is and whether clear guidance to the destination is guaranteed. It should therefore be clearly recognizable which lane should be changed when and which exit is the right one. In addition, the voice of the navigation device also plays an enormous role. Here, commands for important events such as turning or driving off should be given early, but not repeated too often. A clear structure should be recognizable here.

Next, the service was checked in the form of map updates. The review showed here, which is absolutely positive, that almost all manufacturers provide lifelong and free updates for the respective navigation device after purchase. In any case, it is recommended that the maps should be updated if you want to take a longer trip. This is especially important if there are road works or new roads on the route. This will make the route even more precise and the planned time even better calculated by the device. Last but not least, the price is of course also included. Care has been taken to ensure that the models are all within a certain financial framework to ensure comparability.

What should you pay attention to when buying a navigation system?

When buying a navigation system there are many important points to consider before buying. To avoid a bad purchase, the most important points are listed here. So nothing stands in the way of a quick comparison. A navigation device is also a great gift idea for friends or acquaintances with a less good orientation in traffic.

Functions and technical equipment

Especially when it comes to functions, the equipment often varies widely. While cheaper suppliers limit themselves to the most necessary, the market leaders advertise with new features. This should not always be seen negatively, as useful innovations can be found among them. For example, more and more people attach importance to voice control or compatibility with a mobile phone. This not only has practical advantages, but also provides a bit more safety in road traffic. With voice control you can keep your eyes on the road and still make sure that the device is set the way you want it to be. The mounting bracket also plays a major role. There are now sophisticated systems such as the magnetic holder. Thus, the falling navigation system belongs to the past. A clear visual representation should also be checked before purchase.

The size of the display on a navigation device

Especially with the size of the display, there are often discussions about what is best to use. The subjective feeling should decide here. Especially for older people it is often better to choose a navigation device with a large display instead of one that is too small. This could cause additional distraction and uncertainty during the journey. Nevertheless, there are also opponents of this theory, as many experts warn against too large displays, as these would restrict too much of the field of vision. In a way, it is debatable which solution is really the best in the end. But this is exactly the reason why it is recommended to choose a navigation device with which one feels safe and well advised in the first place. What others say can always be discussed later.


Especially with the map net it is very different where the advantages of the user lie. Here it is not possible to give a general answer as to whether a product with a particularly large number of countries or one with a few specific ones is the best choice. Ultimately, the difference can also lie in the fact that devices with fewer countries are nevertheless particularly well equipped in these countries. A navigation system with a particularly large number of countries, on the other hand, can be the optimal choice for frequent travellers. As a fan of road trips in the car through all countries of the world, you are in any case well advised to use an expensive navigation system that has all the maps available worldwide.

But be careful! It is better to dig a little deeper into your pocket than to notice in the next long-distance holiday that one or the other road has not been integrated yet. And exactly this is the next aspect. Map updates should also be provided regularly by the manufacturer. Here it is worthwhile to find out what service the manufacturer has to offer before you buy.


It is also not entirely wrong to first find out which manufacturers dominate the market for navigation devices and which suppliers are known as black sheep. With a manufacturer like TomTom, for example, you can be sure to get a top premium product. But for this you have to dig deeper into your wallet. But not always only expensive is also equally good. The manufacturers Garmin and Hieha, which also came out positively in our review, can often be the better choice for occasional drivers. For less money you still get a solid device. In some cases there is hardly any difference between a branded and a no-name product. Nevertheless, one should be careful here and inquire before the purchase. If one considers these points, nothing actually stands in the way of the purchase.

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