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Car Speaker Review 2019 – The Best Music Boxes For Your Car Review


To get the perfect sound in the car, a good car subwoofer is not enough. The appropriate car speakers must also be installed. That’s why we have put together the best car radios for you in a review. To make an objective comparison, the products were not only compared on the basis of performance, but also on the basis of sound quality, workmanship and durability.

The different types of car speakers

Just as with a subwoofer, there are different types. What is special, however, is that the loudspeaker must cover different areas. Because on the one hand it has to cover the high frequencies as well as the mid frequencies. This is difficult to achieve with a single diaphragm, which is why 2-way and 3-way systems have established themselves in cars. In the review, however, it was the overall sound that was important and not whether the system was 1-way or 3-way.

If you want to make your life easier when installing, first measure the diameter of the current membrane and which system you are currently using. At best you can use the same dimensions again. Otherwise we can only recommend our winner of the review. If it does not fit into your car, it is worth the one-time effort!

Our review results by size

10 cm 13 cm 16.5 cm

Important criteria in the review

Probably the most important criterion for a loudspeaker is the sound or also known as sound quality. It is particularly important to deliver a constant performance at both mid and high frequencies. It is not enough to simply have as much bass as possible. It is important to have it over the entire range without overdriving or noise. Especially when it comes to overdriving, it’s the cheaper models that cause problems. But even expensive models are not always better, even mid-range models are among the best.


By construction we understand the processing as well as the material used. There are huge differences especially in the processing of the case. The worse they are processed, the more easily everything starts to clatter or even worse, the membrane cannot vibrate on 1 axis. This leads to an uncontrolled movement, which in turn can be the reason for a bad sound. There are also serious differences in the material used.


Insignificant but important is the design. Of course a good sound is much more important for a car speaker, but it should still be a criterion for the review. Even if you usually don’t dare to say it, ugly models won’t get into a beautiful car! And that’s just as well, so we also considered this criterion.

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