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Insulate Car Door And Improve Sound – This Is How It’s Done! Reviewed


What do you want me to insulate the car door for?

Even the best speaker in the car is not used to its full potential without the car door being insulated. This means that a lot of potential is wasted by the subwoofer and speaker and the bass cannot be used to its fullest potential. This is exactly why sound insulation is so important when you want to turn up the volume a little.

Especially the car doors turn out to be a weak point.

In order to prevent a humming or annoying droning you need the right material as well as the right approach. Insulating the car door is a laborious step, but it is clearly one of the most important ones to improve the sound.

What do I need the car door jammed for?

Anyone who has ever been in a band’s rehearsal room knows that for perfect acoustics you need insulation. The car is basically not suitable for listening to high quality music. Nevertheless, with the right speakers you can get a lot out of the transport vehicle. However, the loudspeakers are not everything. They only make up 60 percent of the sound. It’s like a diet, only with the combination of exercise and proper nutrition you can achieve a lot.

It’s the same with the sound in the car. Without the right insulation, even the loudspeaker cannot be held responsible for everything. Especially the car doors are insufficiently insulated and a bad place for a speaker to be placed around a kn

The normal loudspeakers used in home music systems are often built into a wooden cabinet. This is of course not the case with cars. It is therefore important to insulate the car door in such a way that it resembles a speaker as closely as possible. This is the only way to produce a good bass.

But how can you effectively insulate the car door? The easiest way is to use so-called insulating mats. These are easy to install and relatively cheap. This is done with second layers. The first layer is applied to the outer panel of the car. The second finds its place in the so-called inner panel. However, the rain protection foil must be removed to ensure that the insulation has its place. The cladding of the car door does the rest and completes the sound system. So the car was turned into a box for loudspeakers in the door, which prevent vibrations.

The right car speakers are also important for a good sound:

What is required?

The best way to insulate the car door is with mats or strips of aluminium butyl. This is a so-called sandwich material. Aluminium foil was applied to butyl rubber. The mat is self-adhesive and very easy to install. It is a high quality material, which is very suitable for insulation.

An alternative are the bitumen mats, which are cheaper. However, these are more susceptible to weather conditions and have a different insulation result in winter and summer. Installation is also more complicated, as the mat has to be adapted to the car and heated for this purpose.

So-called insulating paste is also required for the installation. This is used as a supplement to the mat to reach and insulate difficult areas of the door cladding.

The correct speaker adapter must also be available. So you need the right adapter for the door panel, which provides enough stability. Furthermore, a Phillips screwdriver, knife, brush and unlocking tool are required.

How to insulate properly?

The unlocking tool is used to open the plastic cover of the door. Screwed connections can be loosened with the screwdriver. Now the cover can be removed. Now all wiring of the door can be removed. Now you have the choice of removing the rain protection foil or simply sticking the insulation mat over it. In the next step, the mat is cut to size from Alubutyl and can be glued directly onto the door. It is important that the mat is pressed firmly. It is also important to cut free places for the cables. Overlaps are no problem, the more insulation material the better. This also provides better protection against water penetration. At least two layers should be applied.

The holes in the door panel must of course be left free. With the additional application of insulation fleece, the acoustics can be further insulated. This fleece is also simply glued over it. Now the insulation paste is applied to the door lining. To avoid scratching the door, something should be placed underneath. First the paste is stirred. Large areas of the door panel must be roughened first. Now the paste is applied evenly all over the door panel. A brush is best suited for this. Now the paste should dry a little before the door panel is put back on.


In order to get the best bass from your subwoofer and accessories, you need a reasonable amount of insulation. Insulation mats made of Alubutyl are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they are of high quality and easy to install. The so-called damping paste rounds off the sound of the speaker and the subwoofer additionally. With such a project one should really put emphasis on quality instead of quantity and use high-quality products to achieve a good sound.

And yet another interesting video on the topic of car door insulation

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