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Baby Monitors For The Car: What Is Possible With Them? – Reviewed


Being a parent is not always easy. The partner has to work and the daily tasks do not take care of themselves. Often household, baby and animals have to be brought under one hat. Technical gadgets like a baby monitor can be used in the house to help.

But sometimes it is also necessary to take the baby with you to the store. By car it goes to the next supermarket. The child sleeps so deeply that you don’t want to wake him or her up. And if the baby is awake and there is no one in the car to look after him, the media will quickly regard you as a bad parent.

But what can be done about it?

A baby monitor for the car can help

With a baby monitor in the car, you can monitor the baby at all times and if the baby is awake, the shopping can be shortened or the child can be reassured by an intercom function. It does not matter which version is used by both, there are a few things you should definitely pay attention to:

  • Range should be large enough
  • Suitable temperature range

These two things are an absolute must. In addition, you can also decide whether the baby monitor should have an integrated camera or an intercom system.

Another interesting feature is the playback of lullabies. At the touch of a button, the baby should calm down so quickly and at best will fall asleep again. This function is especially useful when you’re out shopping, because you can’t leave everything lying around in a second. The food has to be bought, no matter if you have a child or not.

There are also other ways of monitoring the child properly in the car. However, nothing is as good as this possibility. And therefore not recommendable. And it should not look like that in any case:

The Babyphone [subtitled] | Firecrackers with Martina Hill

In general, there are still many good gadgets on how to make your life with a child easier. On this website you will find 8 more car gadgets for the baby, such as:

  • Baby spoon
  • Baby Shusher
  • intelligent diaper with app control

And the job of a baby monitor is far from over…

Anyone here wonder what’s wrong with us: We couldn’t believe this story at first. But Sat1 reports about a man in whose car 3 times was broken into within a very short time.

After each break-in, the owners took over the damage. And as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Without further ado, a baby monitor was converted. With every noise the device made a sound and the owner can immediately check his car to see if it is open. […] […]

You can find the whole story directly on the Sat1 website.

Conclusion: There are no limits

Creative people find a solution for every problem. With a technical gadget like the baby monitor, not only the baby in the car can be monitored. It can also serve as a prevention against burglaries. Not only does it have to be a car, but also the food stall can be protected.

And who says it’s just for the kid? A […]

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