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Axton Subwoofers Review


Axton subwoofer, who invented it? The Swiss. Known for their simple and compact design, they fit perfectly into any trunk, spare wheel well or under the passenger seat. Axton has also proven itself in one or two reviews and has achieved a place among the top rankings. After the first contact with Axton subwoofers, the company’s philosophy is clear: great looks, impressive efficiency and compact dimensions. In our car subwoofer review, the subwoofers did not win the first place, but were still among the front runners and could shine with high quality and good looks. A good way to “invisibly” improve the sound.

Axton subwoofer in direct comparison

Information about the manufacturer

Unlike JBL, Axton is not a giant in the field of hi-fi. They specialise solely in car hi-fi and offer front speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. They place great emphasis on the sound of the speakers and want it to be powerful and emotional, for maximum driving pleasure. In contrast, the amplifiers are designed for pure mobile power, concentrated dynamics and powerful sound. With these words Axton advertises and with success! Especially impressive is the high efficiency, because the bass boxes reach an efficiency of almost 100% and more than 100% is not possible. The efficiency is calculated here by converting woofer drive into sound pressure. To get a better picture, we have a small audio sample of the Axton AXB20STP for you. Do not forget to switch on the sound:

Axton AXB20STP in the Astra Sports Tourer

You can tell what’s inside just by looking at the product names. For example, the abbreviation AXB stands for a subwoofer with a bass reflex cabinet. These are known for reproducing a particularly good sound and optimally supporting the low frequencies with bass. Most Axton subwoofers are actual

Our opinion about Axton Subwoofer

The focus and company philosophy is very clear: saving space while maintaining high efficiency and good sound. This is particularly suitable for family cars and also for drivers who don’t want to sacrifice space from the boot or want an invisible way to improve the sound. Thanks to the innovative ideas there are even subwoofers that can be hidden in the spare wheel well. You have already heard how this should sound in the video. But this possibility is something special, because the developers have thought a lot about the shape. In the middle of the case there is a recess for the wick and one side is flattened so that the cables cannot bend when plugged in. A feature that also very much stands for the Axton brand is the high quality of the materials and the high-grade workmanship. This speaks for a high durability and a long pleasure for the car driver.

What we like:+ Great price/performance ratio + Suitable for family cars + Space-saving versions for little to no loss of space in the car + Powerful, precise and beautiful bass, despite the small cabinets + High efficiency of the bass reflex boxes + High-quality workmanship and
What we don’t like:- Axton mainly offers active subwoofers – The products are very similar and there is little variety

More good Axton subwoofers on Amazon:

in the review reports. There you will also find much more information about the manufacturer, background knowledge, facts and technical characteristics. If all this information is not enough for you, you will certainly find it on their website. In the download area you will find all data sheets and photos of the entire product range.

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