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Axton AXB20STP – Active Bandpass Reviewed


Axton AXB20STP, who invented it? The Swiss. Swiss companies stand for perfection in all areas. The Axton AXB20STP with its special shape is designed for the spare wheel well. Often the sound and bass suffer with this design. Whether the Swiss show their perfection this time, we will clarify in our review.

With its special design it fits perfectly into the spare wheel well and does not take up any space in the car or boot. It even has a recess for the centre pin. In itself, this is a very good and interesting idea, but if a tyre should burst, you need a plan B, because the spare wheel will not find any space. A suitable alternative could be a repair kit* or the subwoofer Pioneer TS-WX610A, which has its place on the spare wheel. From the optical design the Axton AXB20STP looks very nice. Its felt cover has a very pleasant colour tone and the metal plate harmonises with it. It is a good combination of solid and modern.

In the construction he has set the bar very high. The housing is made of a bent MDF. Despite its round shape with recesses, the workmanship is very well done and the subwoofer has a high level of quality. The side of the connection terminal is flattened so that the cables can be plugged in more easily and, above all, are not bent. Very interesting is also the fact that the centre spine has been removed without destroying the acoustics.

In the review the sound could only benefit from the great processing. The sound is beautiful, very precise and full. Although the spare wheel well is not the usual place for a subwoofer, enough sound still comes out and the bass is noticeable. In a car with a notchback it can happen that the bass doesn’t come out into the driver’s cabin but gets stuck in the boot. Therefore, first check in the car whether enough sound can come out through the rear seat. If there is still enough bass coming through it is a great alternative with a lot of space saving. The bass cannot compete with a passive subwoofer, but for an active subwoofer it can heat up quite a bit.

In the following video you can get an idea of the review (don’t forget to turn on the sound):

Axton AXB20STP in the Astra Sports Tourer

Technical information about the Axton AXB20STP

The Axton AXB20STP is an active bandpass, it has a membrane with ∅ 20 cm and an amplifier is already integrated. Typical for an active subwoofer, it has a BassBoost and a low bass filter.  With its 90 Wrms it is not one of the strongest in the review, but it makes up for this with its good sound. With its size of ∅ 50 x 18 cm it fits perfectly into the spare wheel recess.

The Axton AXB20STP stands for a unique sound, great workmanship and optimal use of space. Only the bass could be a bit stronger. Otherwise a top product!

Do not forget cables

Only the subwoofer is included in the delivery.  The power cable, fuse, RCA cable and remote cable must be ordered separately. The Hama AMP kit contains all the necessary cables in the appropriate diameters and fuse ratings.

Cable set

Hama AMP-Kit 25

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