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Auna Subwoofer Review


Auna subwoofers have by far the shorreview company history. Just by the desire and the thought to revolutionize the world of sound, they have managed to get a fixed place in the highly competitive hi-fi industry. With their eye-catching design, the subwoofers immediately catch your eye. Despite their design, Auna subwoofers perform well and are of good quality. In our review, Auna didn’t win, but it is ahead of the pack and has earned a place of honour through its revolutionary thinking. You can find the detailed review reports in the car subwoofer review.

Comparison of the Auna subwoofers from our review

Information about the manufacturer

The history of Auna is by far the shorreview. The company was founded in 2007 and has been based in Germany ever since, like its competitor Magnat. Within a very short time they have managed to make a name for themselves on the market. They owe this to their philosophy: “Their aim is to take up current trends, technical innovations as well as feedback and ideas from users, in order to then merge them into a modern sound.” The optical system must also be adapted. They are now active in over 15 countries, equipping homes and lounges with audio technology. In addition to subwoofers, they also produce hi-fi equipment for homes and lounges, microphones, loudspeakers and headphones. The focus of all products is on sound, design and to always remain at the cutting edge of technology. Price also plays an important role, because it must be affordable. In this video you can see and hear an Auna C8 in action, so turn the volume up!

Auna double subwoofer with light effect 2000 watt

In the video is a subwoofer, as it could be from any other brand. But what is particularly striking about this Auna subwoofer is its appearance. For example, there are products that have the shape of a frog or a can. Through these funny and interesting innovations you will certainly experience some more success stories and hopefully provide for many innovations in the future.

What we think about the concept of Auna subwoofers?

The concept itself is very successful and it is fun to review unusual designs. Who can claim that their subwoofer looks like a frog? And the best thing about it is that the sound doesn’t suffer. Soundwise, the Auna subwoofers play a good and precise sound with a very strong bass. Sometimes, however, one must honestly say that the sound must suffer from the enormous bass. The material used is not the highest quality, but it’s also not scrap metal, but here we are rather in the midfield. But that’s completely ok for the price. Because in terms of price they are also in the midfield. The concept works in our eyes, good quality at an affordable price. They are especially suitable for beginners, prospective advanced students and people who like to own unusual things!

What we like:+ Interesting and unusual designs + Only recently on the market + Very innovative and great philosophy + Active in several audio fields + Have the constant urge to improve
What we do not like:- The material used is not the highest quality – Some subwoofers are better for the money – Still no constant quality over the entire product range

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