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Auna CB3-505 – Reviewed


Auna is a young German company that places great value on sound and design. Also with the Auna CB3-5050 they have built a subwoofer that is somewhat different. You can read more about this in the review report.

What is striking about the Auna CB3-5050 is that it looks like a bandpass, but has a closed case. The design is very daring and modern. Through a plexiglass you can see into the interior, which is even more accentuated with a blue LED interior lighting. The diaphragms are directed downwards and therefore protected against other objects in the trunk.

There is also hardly anything to complain about in the construction. The material used is of high quality and the connection between the housing and Plexiglas is firm. With this subwoofer you will have pleasure for a long time.

The sound of the Auna CB3-5050 is very powerful, pleasant and precise. With its 2 diaphragms, it heats up properly, and since the diaphragms are directed downwards, mainly the low frequencies are heard, as they should be with a good subwoofer. The basses are also very strong and bri

Technical information

The inventors of the CB3-5050 have really made an effort. The subwoofer has 800 Wrms with a low-vibration chassis for bass-dominant music. The double diaphragms have a diameter of 30 cm. It is also available with 600 Wrms and two diaphragms with 25 cm diameter (Auna CB2-5050*). Due to its flat and beautiful design it does not take up much space (74 x 41 x 26 cm) in the trunk and quickly becomes an eye-catcher. Here you can find a direct comparison of the two Auna subwoofers from our review.

The Auna CB3-5050 stands for daring design, beautiful sound and durability. With its price it belongs to the middle class and is worth every cent. Joy is guaranteed!

For a subwoofer with a closed cabinet to work well, it needs a powerful power amplifier, suitable power cables and a powercap. The power cables should have a diameter of 50 mm² or more. A powercap is already mandatory for this power!

Recommended accessories:


Auna ALP406CH


Hifonics HFC-1000

Cable set

Hama AMP-Kit 50

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