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Atera Roof Cargo Boxes Reviewed


In everyday life, the trunk is usually sufficient as storage space. But when it comes to longer journeys, a little more space is often needed. Here a roof box can be the perfect solution. A well-known manufacturer is Atera, which will now be introduced in more detail.

Top 3 Atera roof boxes

1. Atera Cargo 830

With this roof box from Atera you will be an eye-catcher on every journey.

Because it is kept in a stylish design. But the Cargo 830 has much more to offer. It is 178 centimetres long and thus offers enough space for the luggage of a couple or a small family.

Another advantage is that the roof box can be quickly and easily attached to the roof of the vehicle using a so-called master fit system. The lid can be opened easily and has a spring-supported lifting mechanism.

Another advantage of this roof box from Atera is that it is made of impact resistant ABS/ASA. Therefore your luggage is protected at all times.

2. Atera Certo 420

This roof box is 178 centimetres long and 42 centimetres wide. It offers the wind comparatively little contact surface, which means that fuel is not consumed unnecessarily.

Furthermore, the roof box has an elegant shape and is always an eye-catcher. This is also ensured by a high-quality Silver Metallic high-gloss coating. With a volume of 400 litres, it offers enough space for two bicycles or even some smaller skis, for example. A total of 75 kilograms is permitted as a payload.

During the journey the roof box heats up very little, so that your luggage does not become unnecessarily warm. Since you can lock it, the box is also very well protected against theft.

3. Atera Formula 990

The Atera roof box Formula 990 has an enormous capacity of 460 litres. It can be installed very fast and easily on your roof.

A dynamic opening system allows you to open and close them easily at any time. The luggage is secured with special straps and so-called lashing eyes and always arrives at its destination intact.

In addition, the floor is also slightly lowered. This creates additional storage space. This Atera roof box can be used with aluminium support tubes as well as with steel support tubes.

All models are reviewed for safety and only when you pass these reviews are they released for sale. This also includes a so-called city crash review, which all three roof boxes described have successfully passed.


Can I also use an aluminium support tube with a roof box from this manufacturer?

Many models from Atera can be used on a steel support tube as well as on an aluminium support tube, such as the Atera Formula 990.

Which ski length fits in which roof box?

If you also want to transport skis in a roof box, you should first check the maximum length of the box. You can usually find the respective value in the operating instructions of the roof box. Otherwise you can also ask directly at Atera.

How can I determine the inner dimensions of my box?

To determine the inner dimensions of a roof box, you must measure the height, width and length.


The company Atera was founded in 1963 in the German city of Ravensburg. The name is composed of the name of this and the word auto parts. In 1972 the roof rack systems were added to the program. Today an Atera roof box always has a very high quality.

In the different models you can easily transport skis, snowboards and even canoes and surfboards safely. All roof boxes of this manufacturer have an attractive design and are very robust and therefore durable. If you want to buy an Atera roof box, you can be sure that you get a high quality product.

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