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Alpine SXE-1750S Coaxial Loudspeaker Review


The Alpine SXE-1750S coaxial speaker could not compete with JBL or JVC in our car speaker review. Founded in 1967, Alpine manufactures not only car speakers, but also other car accessories such as navigation systems and radios. The Japanese manufacturer made a name for itself in 2004 as the first company to offer iPod-compatible car radios. But despite its origin, which usually indicates a particularly inexpensive brand, the product is only in the lower midfield in our review in terms of price. A cheaper alternative can be found in the Pioneer TS-G1733i loudspeaker from a well-known manufacturer, among others.

The sound of the Alpine SXE-1750S

The Alpine SXE-1750S loudspeaker doesn’t score well in the first aspect to be evaluated in our review. In comparison to the review winners, the product can’t keep up. Especially in the sound of the

The structure

In contrast, the loudspeaker can score points in the review during set-up. Alpine’s convincing features are its easy to install dimensions and short installation time. The scope of delivery includes everything you need for installation, so you don’t have to buy any extra parts. Therefore, there are no complaints in this category.

The design

The Alpine SXE-1750S can also keep up with the competition in terms of design. Z

The Price

As already mentioned, there is another minus point in this category. Although Alpine supplies an average product here, it is not convincing in terms of price. Especially because of the poor sound quality, it should be offered at a lower price. In addition, other manufacturers charge considerably less for comparable products like Pioneer. So there are deductions here in the price-performance ratio.

The design

2-way coaxial (16.5 cm).

The performance

In this category in our review there were no major differences between all the products reviewed. Although our Top 5 stand out somewhat, the performance of the speakers is now at about the same level with all manufacturers. The Alpine SXE-1750S is also in the midfield in our review.

Technical information:

Model: Alpine SXE-1750S Type: 2-way coaxialPower: 45 WrmsNoise pressure: 90 dBDiameter: 16.5 cm

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