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Navis – 5 Advantages Of Having a Navigation System


In the digital age, there is not only a navigation system that tells you the route to your destination. A mobile phone, tablet and radio can also perform this function. But what are the advantages of a navigation system? And why should you buy one? In our navigation device review, the best devices are already described in one place. Here are the real advantages.

1 Arrive safely at your destination

The most important thing when driving a car is to arrive safely at your destination. It does not matter if you are perhaps a few minutes late. Better to arrive safely a few minutes later than not arrive at all. And best of all without detours. The navigation system shows you the right route so that you arrive safely at your destination. You can design the route so that you can choose between the shorreview or fasreview route. It even predicts the approximate travel time and arrival time. If you have left much too early, you can recognize it in time and slow down or have a good coffee at the

2 Save time thanks to the fasreview route

As just described, there is the possibility to choose if one wants to drive the fasreview or the shorreview route. The driving times and kilometers are displayed. You only have to decide which one you want to drive. This gives you the advantage of taking fuel-efficient routes. If there are any other options while driving, you will receive a notification that another route is now faster than the current one. All you have to do is confirm the new route on your navigation device or continue driving on the existing route.

3 Keeping an eye on speed

Most drivers have already been fined for speeding. And for those who haven’t been fined, it’s usually just a matter of time. Because it happens very quickly that the speedometer needle lands on a speeding ticket that is too high. Especially when driving for a long time on the motorway, you quickly lose the feeling of speed. And 130 km/h suddenly become 160 km/h and more. The big advantage of a navigation system is that it constantly shows you your current speed. And there is another big plus point, because many navigation systems can show you the maximum permitted speed. So you are optimally protected against a penalty and save a lot of money! The catalogue of fines changes constantly (mostly to the disadvantage of the drivers), but in case of a misdemeanour you will quickly lose 100€. For this money you already get a good navigation system!

4 Punkte von Interesse

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, the fuel is gone, you haven’t eaten anything for a long time and in the back seat your dear children tell you that they would like to have something to drink. Now a gas station or a rest stop could solve all your problems. In the past, you had to look for a suitable Point of Interest (=POI) on the map so that you just didn’t drive by. Then all the preparation would have been in vain. But with a navigation system, you have the advantage that it tells you all the POIs in your vicinity and on the route. There is even the possibility to set at the beginning of the journey when you need a petrol station.

5 Early warning of traffic jams

Most of the times, a traffic jam is not recognizable as a car driver until one is already in it. In order that exactly this does not happen, the navigation system calculates already at the departure how long the delay is in the traffic jam and if there are alternative routes. And of course, how long the new route has now in driving time.

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